How to open Paytm Payments Bank Account in 10 minutes

  Hello friends,
                          Today I tell you something to need in paytm app. Today I tell you to how to open Paytm Payments Bank Account. So let's  start to introduce the Paytm Payments Bank

                               Paytm Payments Bank it offers you a highly secure savings accounts with no account opening fees and no minimum balance requirements keep up to one lakh(1,00,000) rupees of deposits and earned interest every month what's more you also get a free digital debit card that you can use for all kinds of online transactions and no need to wait for a monthly account statement your digital passbook keeps you updated in real time. So, Let's get started with your digital savings account today.

         How to open paytm Payments Bank Account :-


  •              Open your paytm app

  •              Go to the Bank Icon.

  •              Click on open your saving account. 

  •               Set up a Pascal which you will need to access phone banking Re-enter to confirm.

  •                If you may choose to add a nominee now or later at your own convenience.

  •                If you're a full KYC verified user your account will be activated in just a few minutes. 

  •                If you're not a full KYC verified user you would have to register your Aadhaar Card details enter the Aadhaar Card number.

  •              Click on verify Aadhaar to verify Aadhaar you can visit the nearest KYC Centre of your choice to complete the process.

  •                You also have the option of requesting a visit from our representative.

  •              Update your Band details in the profile section of your Paytm app.

  •             Once you're Aadhaar and Band verification is complete. Your saving account will be activated in a few minutes.

  •              Cause you don't finish the process in one go no worries. Whenever you open the app next time you will be shown your saving account opening status.

  •                You can continue the process from there on there you go simple and easy.

  •                Open your Paytm Payments Bank Account today.

          So, this is the nice process to make a how to open paytm Payments Bank Account. Friends to let's you can do it the this the fast way to open your saving account to less than 0 (zero) amount to open your account.
        Friends, the OTP(One Time Password) you will receive to don't share anyone to safe for your own security. So, let's do it for the open a new saving account.    

       If you know about to how use the Paytm. So,
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